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A Pathway to Beauty
and Wellness!

With unparalleled attention to detail, customization, and signature touches, we transform each treatment into a unique and exceptional experience, designed to enhance your beauty and well-being. We promise to provide you with a customized and results-oriented approach to beauty and wellness for amazing results… see what we can do for you!


Relax with calming and tranquil aroma scent with a soothing environment, one that allows you to bask in the pleasure of filling beautiful, and  experience the highest quality of service and let our aesthetic facials revive your skin's lustrous glow.  

Enjoy the wonderful world of eyelash extension with the professional clean and affordable service by New Path Aesthetic. Eyelash Extensions are a great option for every day wear. They will always give you that look of being put together and polished without applying a single stitch of makeup. 

Eyebrow Microblading is a manual method of depositing a small amount of ink in the outer layer of the skin without reaching the dermis. The needle used in manual microblading is 3 times thinner than the one used in machine, which allows to create very fine, crisp hair strokes the do not blur after healing.


Exfoliate, Detox, Purify and Nourishes

Deluxe Body Polish
and Body Wrap 

Designed to stimulate circulation and refine your skin's texture to produce a soft, healthy and radiant glow.


Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation treats conditions on the face. These treatments focus mainly on results rather than pampering treatments. We can always combine the treatments to suit every individual needs and requirements to achieve the best of both worlds. 

Before each treatment a professional skin analysis will be performed to properly diagnose your skin type and determine the condition of your skin. Upon your results an appropriate treatment plan, using professional skincare products, will be chosen.  A course of six treatments four weeks apart is recommended for max result. Home care products are recommended to be used throughout the course of the treatments. 


Get started A Beauty & Wellness Journey with

New Client Special 

New to New Path Aesthetic Spa?  

We are so excited you have chosen us for all your beauty and wellness needs! As our special offer to you we are giving you 40% off of your first session choose from our facial skin care, body contour and slim detox infrared body wrap, along with a special gift for you. Simply fill out inquire form to receive our new client specials, discounts and gifts offers. As our warmly welcomes to your visit.